That there's never any time for you?

OR guilty IF you do find 5 mins?

We know those feelings well, and we're here to help. We want you to know that you're not alone. That's it's okay to make that time for you. In fact, it's essential.

The more creative, calm and well balanced you feel, the more you and the people around you benefit.

So start pausing. Today.  



daily pauses

Sometimes our good intentions just aren't enough. And it's only when you feel accountable to others, as well as to yourself, that you can find the time for you.

Which is why we've created a daily pause journal. For you to keep private or share publicly. Simply to give you the time you need.

Start pausing today

group pauses

Whether you're an overworked professional, a frustrated parent or a team looking to uncover a more creative streak, we'll help you pause the everyday grind.

We've designed workshops and courses for adults and families, jam packed with creativity, learning and fun at the heart.

Let's pause together