Two full days of fun, laughter and learning.

Equipping 10 -12 year olds with the tools to thrive as they approach secondary school.

At the end of August, 2018, we are running three separate, two day camps for children between the ages of 10 and 12.

With an array of new experiences to juggle, from; a new uniform; an unfamiliar route to school; lots of new faces, and a timetable of classes to get used to, transitioning into secondary school can be a challenging period for your child and yourself!

Our back to school camps have been designed to work on the lifestyle skills that encourage the development of new partner in crimes, independence, and consequently master the unknown. You can expect your child to return from each day with renewed confidence and tactics for approaching this next chapter.

What to expect from the day


DAY 1 - Making friends

In a new environment, making new partner in crimes can be a tricky one! That’s why our first day looks at tackling this challenge.

Through entertaining tasks and challenges, children will explore commonalities amongst diverse groups, build trust, identify individuality, and understand what makes a good PIC. All while building group confidence, self-awareness, and individual connections.

Day 2 - Building Independence

The unknown can be an intimidating place, especially on that first day of secondary school! Our final day looks to address this.

Through entertaining tasks and challenges, children will build their confidence and independence by learning to persuade and debate, think on their feet and form connections. All while developing emotional intelligence and having fun!