aimée's story: 

In 2015, I unconsciously reset myself. 

I turned myself off and on again and discovered that my default settings were not compatible with the world around me. I was craving more physical and mental space. Fresh air. Time. The chance to simply be me. Not someone who followed orders. Who didn't choose their own lunch. Who fit into the 9 box model. I'd hit the 'pause' button on my treadmill without even realising it.

And it felt right. 

Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.

We all know how frustrating it is to have life feel like it’s happening to us. To not be an active participant but to be a voyeur in our own lives. To count down the days to our next holiday. To wish the week away. To run to simply keep up with ourselves.

We only have one life. And I feel so lucky to have reset myself earlier than some.

Making time for ourselves - however small - every single day, adds up to more memories. To greater mental strength. To a greater ability to make decisions that are right for us.

And it’s not easy. People want to spend time with us. To pick our brains. To seek our help. And it’s hard to say no. But when we’re energised and clear headed, we can offer them more.

And so we owe it to the people around us, our future selves and the generations to come, to take stock and put ourselves first. 

And so we pause.

We reflect. We create. We seek inspiration. We socialise. And we soak up life.

By pausing, we find our own personal eden.

A reassuring, restorative and invigorating environment, just for us.

And so I'm creating digital and physical tools that encourage and enable each and every one of us to pause more easily in our lives.

  • Journals to help you more consciously capture memories.
  • Digital pauses that help you confidently switch off without switching off to technology.
  • Workshops and events where you can meet and learn from other like minded people.
  • Physical sanctuaries within which to find your creative selves. 

I believe that pausing more will make us enjoy and be more effective in our daily lives.

It's time to pause folks.