These weeks can really take it out of you, can't they. They can play on your mind all the way into Sunday, and before you know it, you're back to Monday and the office politics.

But what if there was a better way to rid the week from your system? To make more of Saturday and Sunday? Effortlessly?

Well, guess what. There is. We've designed a Friday night pause just for you.

We'll kick off with an energetic session that promises to work the week out of your system, move into a yoga session that stretches you out and calms your mind, before we all sit down and enjoy a nutritious and delicious picnic. Exercising, dining and conversing al fresco. Rain or shine, we're covered.

Restoring your human side so you Saturday and Sunday like a boss.

6pm meet at the Bandstand on Clapham Common, SW4.

What does that really look like?


rid yourself of the week

The wonderful Yago is going to help us work the week out of our systems. A callisthenics class to get your blood pumping and physically reconnected, helping us forget the trials and tribulations of the week. Energised and fit for the weekend.

The organic cookery logo.png

Patricia, our organic chef will provide us with our picnic treats. All organic, all delicious and all freshly cooked. Leaving us more time to sit back, chat and reconnect to the world and the people around us. Refuelled in the best possible way.

Harriet yoga pic 2.jpg

Stretch into the weekend

Our yogi Harriet will then ease us into the evening and wind us down for the weekend ahead. Stretching us out, teasing and easing out the aches and pains, pressures and tensions that the working week can leave with us. Calm and ready for anything.

T rex.png

The TEA REX team will be rehydrating us in the best possible way. Teas that naturally cram all the flavours, vitamins and nutrients into a raw blend that will assuredly put the RAWR back into our weekend. Feeling good inside and out.