Eating and drinking @ home farm

How we fuel ourselves; mentally, socially and nutritionally, has a direct impact on how we feel, act and react. Which is why mealtimes provide the back bone to our pause experiences and are all included as part of your package.

Whether you're enjoying a full english or energiser breakfast, a michelin star quality pop up restaurant in the barn, a picnic in the meadow or a hands-on cooking experience around the campfire, we want to raise your consciousness of how you fuel your body.

Not to set limits or rules. To simply help you make the right decision for you. Which is why we're also a bring your own booze (BYOB) environ. You drink as much or as little as you like, of whatever you like. We'll provide the fresh mint, coffee, tea, juice, squash and water, you bring the rest. 

organic cookery logo.001.jpg

communal dining

We believe that life is better shared. That seeing and sensing the world through another's eyes, ears or tastebuds enhances our own experience.

We will be hosting communal dining in our barn or around the campfires. Not to force conversation. Simply to encourage everyone to sit and enjoy. So you pause whilst you eat. And hopefully savour every mouthful that bit more.

organic fuel

Patricia Bloj grew up in Romania, fed straight out of her parents market garden. She's on a mission to reinstate taste into every day meals, to make the process of cooking and eating more enjoyable.

She'll pepper your pause experience with delicious, organic, home cooked fare, whilst also encouraging you to get involved, and lend a hand. So we each learn first hand why, how and what to eat.

open air eating

Whilst we want to encourage you to pause for breakfast, lunch and dinner, discouraging eating 'on the go', we also want to ensure you make the most of your time at Home Farm.

During the day, we will provide you with hampers and the means with which to go off exploring the estate. So you choose when and where you eat. After all, al fresco always tastes that bit better.