family pausing

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We know how hard it is to find space and time to really enjoy each other's company these days. The battles over 'screen time'. The queues and chaos at kids play parks. The crazy costs. Which is why, come rain or shine, we've sourced farms that make for the perfect retreat for your family. Within 2 hours of central London, we've just the adventure playgrounds for adults and kids alike.

We've crafted a timetable of activities for primary school age kids that means they can explore, learn and play to their heart's content. Activities led by our qualified and DBS certified team, which mean you can either choose to join in, or leave them to it and take advantage of the quiet, creative zones we've created for adults. With all the entertainment and sustenance covered within the experience, there's nothing left for you to do but enjoy family time.

Space and bedding that mean you all get to relax!

Space and bedding that mean you all get to relax!

Not saying No to my kids for 3 days was utter bliss.”
— - Lola, mum of 3 and pause convert

time to explore

Waking up in a comfy bed, but under canvas is quite the unique experience. All heightened by the fact that you didn't have to pack any of the usual camping paraphernalia or put the tent up! We've got everything set. Food, activities, tents. All set in an environment that encourages free range roaming for all ages. You explore as close or as far afield as you fancy.

Finding time won't be the problem. 


time for you

As a parent, we know that between spending time with your kids, time with your other half, time with friends and family, it's hard to find time for you. And that sometimes without realising it, it's easy to lose you altogether. Which is why we've crafted our family pause experience to give you a little more time for you, in terms of both discovery and rediscovery.

Why should playtime be just for the kids?


a natural education

We've created our own little Forest school. If you're game, we have a curriculum of activity planned for your little ones, that leaves you to some quality 'you' time. There'll be den building, nature trails, cookery and science lessons to cater for primary school age minds and bodies.

It's amazing how outdoor learning leaves more of an indelible mark, on young and old alike. 

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fun for all the family

Our home is your home during your stay. We want you to reconnect with nature and each other. To feel like time has stopped still. To not worry about the details. To explore your own creativity and to learn new skills, as a family.

If we send you home with more bounce in your step, more kisses on your cheeks and more life-long memories created, then we'll have done our job well.

Interactive organic cookery lessons.

Interactive organic cookery lessons.

Den building at its best.

Den building at its best.