Grown up pausing

Whatever the reason you're seeking some space and time away, we're looking forward to welcoming you to Home Farm. Park the kids, leave the macbook at home, put your out of office on. Pack a toothbrush, your favourite book and head on over. Booze aside, everything else is sorted.

Invest in yourself this may bank holiday, 28th April-1st May 2017.


time to breathe. DEeply.

The peace. The quiet of waking to a real dawn chorus. The freedom to roam at will through acres of woodland. To laze in the meadow. To retreat to the quiet tent. To fish in the lake. To try something active; pottery, yoga, den building, wood chopping. However you choose to spend your time @ Home Farm, we've designed the pause to be around you. A structured timetable to guide you, but no obligation to follow it. Space for you to pause in your own way. 

Between work, friends, family, work, it’s hard to find time for me. Home Farm was the breath of fresh air I needed.”
— Sarah, city lawyer and passionate foodie
Michelin star quality dining to kickstart your pause

Michelin star quality dining to kickstart your pause

Fresh, colourful home cooked fare.

Fresh, colourful home cooked fare.

Our organic chef; Patricia Bloj, gives tips and advice.

Our organic chef; Patricia Bloj, gives tips and advice.

mental and physical fuel.

How we fuel ourselves; mentally, socially and nutritionally, has a direct impact on how we feel, act and react. Which is why mealtimes provide the back bone to our pause experiences and are all included as part of your package.

come alive. reconnect.

By the time you leave Home Farm, we want the world to look a little brighter. Your place in it and your connection to it, more assured. Life runs at pace, and sometimes it's good to pause and reflect. Be that alone, with old or new friends.

Awakening your creative streak, physically exerting yourself and reconnecting to people and nature on your own terms, will help to re-energise you. To free up the headspace usually dedicated to others. So you feel more in control and better able to make decisions for you.

your creative potential. Tap it.

As children, we were constantly pushing our creativity to the limits. We let our imagination run wild; flying to Neverland and fighting pirates, chatting to the fairies at the bottom of the garden or making up stories. These days, whilst there's more expectation for us to be creative - innovative some might say - we rarely give ourselves the time or space to flex our creative muscles.

Which is why we've designed activities to re-ignite that creative streak. Cookery, writing, drawing, painting, poetry or pottery... you'll have a chance to give it all a go. In the great outdoors. To see what sparks.