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During the First and Second World Wars, women were called upon to take over the men's duties, working the land alongside other very practical roles. These women were famously renowned as Land Girls.  And whilst their roles were born out of need, the skills and confidence these women built gave them the desire for more, and earned them the respect through which to ask for it.

This desire lasted long after both World Wars. And yet today we find society with a shortage of practical skills, continued gender inequality whilst simultaneously desperate for the creativity that diversity brings. It feels like the perfect time to reinstate the land girl movement and arm ourselves with the skills and confidence of yesteryear.

We think it's time to show the world how we girls can.


back to basics

There's always plenty to do on a working estate. Human brain and braun still go a long way. In exchange for overalls and some really practical, hands-on skills we'd love to take advantage of your extra pair of hands. Whether drilling, changing a tyre, hanging a picture or changing a fuse is your particular nemesis, we've got a fix for that. Learning on the job, not in a classroom.

And we promise to keep you well and watered throughout!

Become the girl who can

It's funny but the more you create with your hands, the freer your mind becomes to the world around you. Once you've changed the tyre on a vintage tractor or built a raised bed for the market garden, you'll be ready to turn your hands to anything.

At Home Farm, you're free to fail and fail again. Sometimes it's only by failing that we learn. And we don't want you to leave us without feeling confident in your abilities and capabilities. To feel like a girl who can turn her mind to anything at all.

It’s amazing how brave you can be when you’re not drilling holes in your own walls!”
— Lisa, voice coach and proud land girl
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land girls, together forever

During the war, Land Girls were posted near and far. The shared cause and their can-do attitude brought them together and created life-long friendships. 

Whether you arrive by yourself or with a friend, we've created activities that will break the ice in no time. Alongside the practical skills, we're keen to help you explore your more creative side. To get a well deserved night's rest in a real bed, so that we return you much better rested than the original Land Girls. Hopefully with a few, new life-long friends in tow.