writing is an art. A craft personal to each and every one of us.

We know that documenting your daily pauses will help you make the time for you. Will help to spark your inspiration and creativity.

Being accountable for your daily report will help you turn your pauses into a way of life. It will make saying no that little bit easier.

We want you to actively participate in your life. To create memories worth sharing and regaling. 

And that's why we've set up our pause journals.

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.

keep it private.

Writing a journal entry every day is proven to help build our daily pausing habit. Whilst some people are happy to live their lives publicly on social media, we recognise that's not for everyone. Which is why we've created an online journal for your eyes only.

It's a little primitive at present. Bells and whistles to follow soon.

Get me pausing today!


keep it forever.

Whilst we want to encourage your pausing habit, we also want your pauses to help stimulate and spark daily memories that will live with you forever. Which is why we'll capture your daily journal entries and replay them back to you in physical form. 

So your year of pauses become memories, forever.

Coming soon: register your interest