pause @ the farm

We know sometimes it's hard to the find the headspace, let alone the diary space, for you.

By teaming up with a number of fabulous estates, we believe we've done the hard work for you. All within 2 hours of central London, we'll ensure you couldn't feel further away from the urban metropolis. Time to release your inner child, reconnect to nature and feel more human.

We've crafted three different experiences, all of which help you feel more you.

Whether you're planning a team event, a family get together, a hen do or just fancy a break from it all, by yourself. We can make it happen.

adult pause image.png

grown up pause

Time to breathe. To sleep. To awaken your senses. To get back to you.

Take a stroll through the woods. A run round the fields. Pick up a book, a paint brush, a pen or an axe. Get into pottery, yoga or den building. Chat or retreat. Be as active or as horizontal as you'd like. 

It's all on offer. But this is your time. You choose how to use it.

Event 2017.04.08-23.jpg

family pause

Time to adventure. To take a trip down memory lane. To reconnect.

Roam freely around the estates. Build dens and fairy houses. Go on a Bear Hunt. Or leave that to us, and take time for yourself. Let your children learn the wonders of nature and science with our qualified team.

Free range, exhausted, happy children. Calm, rested parents. Yes please.


'land girl' pause

Time to get practical. To learn the basics. To become that girl who can.

A farm is the perfect place to try your hand at something new. To learn. To fail. Who cares? The pressure's off. Learn to change a tyre on a vintage tractor. Hang tools in a shed. Build and plant the market garden.

We'll send you home with stories, skills and memories galore.